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    For The Love Of ...

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Gloria and I'm an artist, designer, mother. I have been very lucky to be able to draw the endless beauty of what surrounds me all through my life! Joy which warms my heart every day.

    Some years later in my life I was again lucky to meet my loving husband and we have traveled through life together ever since. We saw a lot of things, we lived through a lot, on our own, and together. We have a lot of memories and we met a lot of great people...


    ...With a total of 5 children, background in military, finance, design and education, traveled on 4 continents and over 12 countries ...we have a few things we wanted to share, but it was my husbands idea to let others tell their stories and use our talent in drawing to do so!

    And that is how the idea for FOR THE LOVE OF ART was born.

    We all have plenty of LOVE for someone, someplace, something...

    ...and Art!

    ...And we all love ART in some form or shape. Whether it is a movie, a play, great song, timeless painting, or our favorite scrible-scrable from 9th grade in the History notebook...we, people, love Art! So I invite you, if our work here is in your liking, ask us, try us, see if our effort will bring joy to your heart...Let us turn your photographs and memories into beautiful paintings and portraits!

  • Your stories, our Art

    We can turn your dear memories into beautiful hand-made paintings!

    Thank you portrait

    This was a "Thank you" portrait for a wonderful mother with two girls. A woman with a heart as big as the whole world!

    Backyard fun


    Moving yet again, a military family has to leave a beautiful wooded backyard and the children miss it every day! Here is a little hand-drawn image of how the kids remember it and love it!

    The Healing Kitchen project

    A registered nurse and devoted mother comes up with recipes for cooking meals and feeding them in liquid form, to help her son, who's jaw gets wired shut for recovery after a bad soccer injury! The purpose of the cook book that she put together, is to help SUSTAIN current body weight. Since she wrote the book, it has been widely used by cancer patients. I'm honored to have worked with her!

  • How it works

    We make it easy.

    Choose a memory...

    Go look through all of those great pictures from the last family reunion, last year's vacation in China, those old albums with the pictures of the kids when they were little, or the picture of the two of you on your wedding day...remember how much fun you had? How pretty she was that day? And that amazing waterfall...?

    Now choose all of the ones you want to turn into Art and to have on your wall to Love and show off with.


    Submit 3 pictures...

    Write us on our email address - for.the.love.of.art@outlook.com and submit 3 photos, of your choice, of the same place or person you want to have made into painting. Choose an option - digital portrait / landscape, or live media.

    P.S. All portraits are hand made,

    only the media is different!

    PLEASE NOTE: Any photograph you submit must be a large file size! Scanned old photographs, photographs from a modern smart phone and/or digital cameras are ideal.

    Choose 1 that is the best!

    After we have communicated, via email, exactly what you want and need, we will send you a SAMPLE of what we have done so far (works better with the Digital package). You will have the chance to choose between at least 2 versions and make last minute "tweaks" (ONLY with the Digital package!). Now all you need to do is wait for the print/original painting to arrive to your doorstep so you and your family and friends can enjoy your memories together!

  • How much it costs

    Different packages you can choose from.


    This package is ideal for turning YOUR photographs into a painting, or have a Pencil hand made portrait of a loved one. You could also ask for a photograph to be turned into a Colored pencil, or watercolor, hand made art. It is still drawn by me, by hand! All the files can then be turned into greeting cards too!

    This package would be on the cheaper side, simply because it uses less material and gives much room for "FIX-ing" !

    PLEASE NOTE! Each project is very individual, there for the pricing will be made individually! Starting price for 12 x 18 inches is $100, excludes any framing! 10% off Military discount!

    Life media

    This package is ideal for turning a very dear memory, or honoring a very special person with a hand made, one of a kind Portrait / Painting. The sky is the limit! The media is Watercolor/ Colored, or graphite pencil/ Markers (it can be a mix!) and etc.

    This package would be a bit on the expensive side, due to its complex handling and materials used.

    PLEASE NOTE! Each project is very individual, there for the pricing will be made individually! Starting price for 12 x 18 inches is $120, excludes any framing! 10% off Military discount!



    Any occasion is a great occasion for giving the gift of Art! Portraits of Children, Pets, Wedding day, Family reunions... you name it, we can make it for you! Even if the occasion is not a happy one, we will be honored to share the moment with you and offer a stylish portrait, and a discount.

    Choose one of our Packages - DIGITAL or LIFE MEDIA. 


    Every occasion is a great occasion for giving the gift of Art! Every place you have ever been, any place you love, any precious memory...we are here to turn it into a beautiful painting, so you, or a loved one, can put it on the wall and enjoy!

    Choose one of our Packages - DIGITAL or LIFE MEDIA. 

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